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Monday Nights

Serving a community meal every Monday night 4-7 PM at 14th and Bannock St, Denver. During this community meal, we can serve up to 300 neighbors. We also distribute heaters, insulation for tents, blankets, sleeping bags, clothing, hand warmers, toiletries, and more.



Providing coffee, hot cocoa, breakfast, and needed supplies early in the morning during the "sweeps" traumatic displacement of our neighbors experiencing homelessness about 3 times/week when the City & County of Denver forcibly moves them. Being there for our neighbors providing emotional support during such a time of trauma has been at the heart of our mutual aid community in Denver. We also continue to advocate and use our voices to end these traumatic displacements.



Providing services tent-to-tent all year long but especially during the COLD weather. Mutual Aid Monday volunteers visit homeless encampments throughout the city of Denver to check on the well-being of our neighbors. We often provide warm food, coffee, water, dry socks & shoes, blankets & sleeping bags, tarps & rope, tents, safe heating sources, coats, & tent insulation. Volunteers also assess if someone is in great need to get indoors and help facilitate a hotel room if this is needed. We work together with street medics to care for our neighbors and their many needs.

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